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Core Expertise & Technological Platform

At the heart of Mucommune are world-class expertise

in bioengineering, immunology, drug delivery, and mucosal biology that enables it to effectively advance diverse technologies into clinical development. We actively explore in-licensing promising technologies in the drug delivery, antibodies, and immunology space.


Elleon Biopharma: Advancing Innovations to Promote Female Reproductive Health

  • First in-class platform for harnessing the synergy between antibodies and mucus to reinforce the mucus barrier for mucosal health

  • Proprietary platforms for on-demand or sustained delivery of small molecules to biomacromolecules

  • Unparalleled safety from direct vaginal delivery

Mucommune's effort in female reproductive health is supported by its portfolio of mucosal antibody IP licensed from UNC, including (i) the muco-trapping mAb platform that harnesses Fc-mucin interactions to immobilize viruses, bacteria and sperm in mucus, and (ii) the highly multivalent Ig platform. The approach has been validated against a variety of pathogens across all major mucosal secretions, with proof-of-concept in both small and large animal models.

Mucommune is adding its expertise in developing various drug delivery formats, including on-demand vaginal tablets and sustained release intravaginal rings (IVRs) that can be tailored to provide moth-long sustained release of a diverse array of therapeutics while preserving their activity. These platforms enables us to develop first-in-class interventions that can address a variety of unmet needs in female reproductive health with exceptional potency, safety, and user-friendliness.

Polyon Pharmaceuticals: Enabling safer, more efficacious use of PEGylated and other polymer-modified therapeutics

  • PEG-specific intervention that reduces induction of anti-PEG antibodies

  • Restores prolonged circulation of PEGylated drugs & drug carriers

  • Eliminates PEG-specific hypersensitivity reactions

Polyon's patented formulation approach can prevent and overcome pre-existing anti-PEG antibodies, as validated by both rodent and swine studies. It is molecularly specific (i.e., no need for broad immunosuppression), works immediately, is compatible with existing CMC, and offers potential to extend IP of parent drugs.

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