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About Us

Mucommune is a privately-held preclinical stage company launched based on the “muco-trapping” monoclonal antibodies (mAb) platform developed at Johns Hopkins University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Mucommune spun off Inhalon Biopharma in early 2019 to commercialize its pipeline of treatments for acute respiratory infections, while taking on a greater emphasis on addressing unmet needs in female reproductive health.

Mucommune is located in The Labs in the Research Triangle Park. 

Meet The Team


Richard Cone, Ph.D. President.

Academy Professor of Biophysics at Johns Hopkins University. Former Professor in Biophysics and Biology at Johns Hopkins University.  Retired in 2017 to focus full time on advancing Mucommune.  Over 25 years of experience advancing products for female reproductive health, bringing products into multiple Phase 3 clinical trials for contraception and HIV.


Keiichiro Kushiro, Ph.D. Director of Research.


Thomas Moench, M.D.

VP Clinical Development.

Former infectious disease physician at Johns Hopkins.  Over 25 years of R&D experience, including leading Phase 1 through Phase 3 clinical programs in antiviral mAb and female reproductive health


Morgan McSweeney, Ph.D., Assistant Director of Development.


Karissa Marino, B.S.,


Sam Lai, Ph.D.

Founder & Interim CEO. 

Currently Associate Professor at UNC – Chapel Hill, and expert in mucosal health and infectious disease.  IP developed at his lab in UNC formed the basis for Mucommune and Inhalon Biopharma; his prior inventions have led to multiple products that are either FDA-approved or in late stage clinical development.

Zach Headshot.tif

Zach Richardson, B.S., Senior Scientist.

Our Mission
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