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Contraceptive mAbs

  • Shrestha B, Schaefer A, Chavez E, Kopp AJ, Jacobs TM, Moench TR, Lai SK. (2020) Engineering tetravalent IgGs with enhanced agglutination potencies for trapping vigorously motile sperm in mucin matrix. Acta Biomaterialia 117:226-234

  • Anderson D, Politch JA, Cone R, Zeitlin L, Lai SK, Santangelo PJ, Moench MR, Whaley KJ. (2020) Engineering monoclonal antibody-based contraception and multipurpose prevention technologies. Biology of Reproduction. 103(2): 275–285

  • Zhu Y, Saada J, Shrestha B, Lai SK, Villarreal P, Pyles R, Motamedi M, Vargas G, Moench T. Vincent KL. (2020) Surrogate post-coital testing for contraceptive efficacy against human sperm activity in the ovine vaginal model. Biology of Reproduction. 104(2):317-324

  • Shrestha B, Schaefer A, Zhu Y, Saada J, Jacobs TM, Chavez EC, Omsted SS, Cruz-Teran CA, Baldeon Vaca G, Vincent K, Moench TR, Lai SK. (2021) Highly potent multimeric sperm-binding antibodies for effective female non-hormonal contraception in vivo. Science Translational Medicine. 13(606):eabd5219
    Highlighted in The Scientist, MedScape, WRAL TechWire

  • Shrestha B, Vincent K, Schaefer A, Yong Z, Vargas G, Motamedi M, Swope K, Morton J, Simpson C, Pham H, Brennan MB, Pauly MH, Zeitlin L, Bratcher B, Whaley K, Moench T, Lai SK. (2021) Hexavalent sperm-binding IgG antibody released from vaginal film for development of potent on-demand nonhormonal female contraception. PNAS 118(48):e2107832118 Highlighted in GEN, Chemistry World

Muco-trapping mAbs

  • Wang, Y.Y., A. Kannan, K.L. Nunn, M.A. Murphy, D.B. Subramani, T. Moench, R. Cone, and S.K. Lai, IgG in cervicovaginal mucus traps HSV and prevents vaginal herpes infections. Mucosal Immunology, 2014. 7(5): p. 1036-44.

  • Chen, A., S.A. McKinley, S. Wang, F. Shi, P.J. Mucha, M.G. Forest, and S.K. Lai, Transient antibodymucin interactions produce a dynamic molecular shield against viral invasion. Biophys J, 2014. 106(9): p. 2028-36.

  • Wessler T, Chen A, McKinley SA, Cone R, Forest MG, Lai SK. (2015) Using computational modeling to optimize the design of antibodies that trap viruses in mucus.  ACS Infectious Disease. 2(1):82-92 

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  • Newby J*, Schiller J*, Wessler T, Edelstein J, Forest MG, Lai SK.  (2017) A blueprint for robust crosslinking of mobile species in biogels using third-party molecular anchors with short-lived anchor-matrix bonds. Nature Communications. 8(1):833

  • Yang B, Schaefer A, Wang YY, McCallen JD, Lee P, Newby J, Arora H, Kumar PA, Zeitlin L, Whaley KJ, McKinley SA, Fischer W, Harit D, Lai SK. (2018) ZMapp Reinforces the Airway Mucosal Barrier Against Ebola Virus.  Journal of Infectious Disease. 218(6):901-910

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  • Schiller JL, Marvin A, McCallen JD, Lai SK. (2019)  Robust antigen-specific tuning of the nanoscale barrier properties of biogels using matrix-associating IgG and IgM antibodies.  Acta Biomaterialia. 89:95-103

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  • McSweeney M*, Stewart I, Richardson Z, Kang H, Park Y, Kim C, Tiruthani K, Wolf W, Schaefer A, Kumar PA, Aurora H, Hutchins J, Cho J, Hickey A, Lee SY, Lai SK. (2022) Stable nebulization and muco-trapping properties of Regdanvimab/IN-006 supports its development as a potent, dose-saving inhaled therapy for COVID-19. Bioengineering and Translational Medicine 8(1):e10391

  • Schaefer A, Yang B, Schroeder H, Harit D, Humphry MS, Ravel J, Lai SK. (2023) Broadly neutralizing antibodies consistently trap HIV-1 in fresh cervicovaginal mucus from select individuals. Acta Biomaterialia. 169:387-397

  • McSweeney M*, Alnajjar S*, Schaefer A*, Richardson Z, Wolf W, Stewart I, Sriboonyapirat P, McCallen J, Farmer E, Farrer B, Nzati B, Lord S, Farrer B, Moench TR, Kumar PA, Arora H, Pickles RJ, Hickey A, Ackermann M, Lai SK. (2024) Inhaled “muco-trapping” monoclonal antibody for effective therapy against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections. Advanced Science. 11(12):e2306729

  • Tiruthani K*, Cruz-Teran C*, Chan JFW, Ma A, McSweeney M, Wolf W, Yuan SF, Poon VKM, Chan CCS, Botta L, Farrer B, Stewart I, Schaefer A, Edelstein J, Kumar PA, Auror H, Hutchins JT, Hickey A, Yuen KY, Lai SK. (2024) Engineering a “muco-trapping” ACE2-immunoglobulin hybrid with picomolar affinity as an inhaled, pan-variant immunotherapy for COVID-19. Bioengineering & Translational Medicine. e10650  

  • Schaefer A, Yang B, Schroeder H, Harit D, Humphry MS, Zeitlin L, Whaley KJ, Ravel J, Fischer W, Lai SK. (2024) ZMappTM mediated trapping of Ebola VLPs in fresh human cervicovaginal mucus. Emerging Microbes & Infection. Accepted.

Mucosal Health

Overcoming Polymer Immunogenicity

  • McSweeney MD*, Wessler T*, Price LSL, Ciociola EC, Herity LB, Piscitelli JA, Zamboni WC, Forest MG, Cao Y, Lai SK. (2018) A minimal physiologically based pharmacokinetic model that predicts anti-PEG antibody-mediated clearance of PEGylated drugs in human and mouse.  Journal of Controlled Release. 284:171-178

  • McSweeney MD*, Price LSL*, Wessler T, Ciociola EC, Herity LB, Piscitelli JA, DeWalle AC, Harris TN, Chan A, Saw RS, Hu P, Jennette JC, Forest MG, Cao Y, Montgomery SA, Zamboni WC, Lai SK. (2019)  Overcoming anti-PEG antibody mediated accelerated blood clearance of PEGylated therapeutics by preinfusion with high molecular weight free PEG.  Journal of Controlled Release. 311:138-146

  • McSweeney MD, Shen L, DeWalle AC, Joiner JB, Ciociola EC, Macauley MS, Lai SK. (2021) Pre-treatment with high molecular weight free PEG effectively suppresses anti-PEG antibody induction by PEG-liposomes in mice. J Controlled Release. 311-312: 138–146

  • Talkington A, McSweeney MD, Zhang T, Li Z, Nyborg A, Livingston EW, Frank JE, Yuan H, Lai SK. (2021) High MW PEG restores prolonged circulation of Krystexxa in mice with anti-PEG antibodies. Journal of Controlled Release. 338:804-812

  • McSweeney MD, Mohan M, Commins S, Lai SK. (2021) Anaphylaxis to Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA COVID-19 vaccine in a patient with clinically confirmed PEG allergy. Frontiers Allergy. 2:715844

  • Talkington A, McSweeney MD, Wessler T, Rath MK, Li Z, Zhang T, Yuan H, Frank JE, Forest MG, Lai SK. (2022) A PBPK model that recapitulates anti-PEG antibody-mediated accelerated blood clearance of PEGylated nanomedicines in vivo. Journal of Controlled Release. 343:518-527

  • Li Z*, Shen L*, Ma A, Talkington A, Li Z, Nyborg AC, Bowers MS, LaMoreaux B, Livingston EW, Frank JE, Yuan H, Lai SK. (2023) Addition of high MW polyethylene glycol to pegloticase effectively reduces PEG-immunogenicity and restores prolonged pegloticase circulation in mouse. Acta Biomaterialia. 170:250-259.

  • Shen L, Li Z, Ma A, Talkington A, Shipley S, Lai SK. (2023) Free PEG suppresses anaphylaxis to PEGylated nanomedicine in swine. ACS Nano. 18(12):8733–8744

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